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Why EcoGlimpse? I feel that we see only brief and very personal glimpses of our natural world which I will try to capture in words and in pictures to share with you. I hope that you will enjoy my musings in the Weekly Walkabout and visit my other pages as well. Your comments are very welcome!

I invite you to send me your digital nature photos for consideration in a Guest Gallery. Please send the photo as an attachment to an email to admin@ecoglimpse.com. Save as a .jpeg and include your name, photo title, and a short description, including when and where it was taken.

I have a Creative Commons License, which allows you to share my photos with attribution to me, without alteration, for non-commercial use. (Please see creative commons link in footer for details.) If you have questions about this, please email me.

A little about me:

I have lived in many places in the United States and know that each has its own natural beauty. Now, I live in West Central Florida, very near to the Gulf, and feel more at home here than anywhere else I have lived or visited.

I have always enjoyed nature. As a youth, I spent many happy hours roaming around outdoors, watching animals, picking flowers, climbing trees, or hiking. Later, as a grown woman with children, I returned to college to pursue degrees in the fields I had enjoyed all my life – biology and ecosystem science.

Now, I make my living as a college instructor and teach these subjects online. Nature photography and writing allow me to explore a creative, rather than an analytical or scientific view of the world, and perhaps, retain some of that young girl’s wonder of nature that has guided me all my life.

My hope is that we can all enjoy and share our journeys in nature for it surrounds and nourishes us all.

— Lyn

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