Man vs. Nature

Man vs. Nature

I do not consider myself to be an artist. If asked, I would say that I am a scientist, both by inclination and training.

Nevertheless, as a child, I wrote poetry and short stories and have “played around” with photography off and on for most of my life.

Since creativity is the essence of life, I want to embrace and nourish it in my own life.

Nature is my muse; digital photography is my medium. This blog is my platform.

Often, when looking at landscapes, I think about how I can determine easily what has been fashioned by humans vs. nature.

Human landscapes tend to be orderly, perhaps arranged in geometric patterns with elements separated by clear boundaries. Think about agricultural fields, gardens, and parks. Humans select species for these areas based upon their size, shape, texture, color and scent to please human sensibilities, or to serve human needs.

Nature produces disorderly landscapes with overlapping, unclear boundaries. Think about forests, shorelines, and wild grasslands. Elements in natural settings arrive there carried by the wind, water, or migrating animals. Species that survive and reproduce do so because they grab what they need without concern about displacing competing species or individuals of their own kind.

Human landscapes persist through maintenance; natural landscapes change dynamically.

Thoughts such as these inspired me to take the photograph that you see in this post. I tried to capture the contrast between human and natural forms. At that moment in time, these features meet roughly in the middle, but will the standoff continue?

My money is on nature as it relentlessly covers the awing with sand and beach daisies. To maintain the status quo, the human owner must invest energy, time, or money, (maybe all three), to save his or her belongings. Or, perhaps the mighty Atlantic Ocean, just several yards away, may overpower all in one tumultuous event.

But is the photo artistic? Some might say the complementary colors are pleasing but that the amount of detail in the photo detracts from artistic composition. It is messy, not clean.

I agree. But then, my muse is Nature. Lyn

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