The (human) snowbirds are here!

While they share a desire to escape the winter cold, they do not always share enthusiasm for Florida, my little bit of paradise on earth. Even those who now list Florida as their primary residence may have left their hearts and fondest memories elsewhere.

Recently, a winter resident remarked to me that her home state is “much more photogenic” than Florida. She is accustomed to lots of topographic relief and stated (vehemently) that Florida’s relative flatness is “boring “when compared to “mountains or craggy seacoasts.”

The vast ocean and sandy beaches pounded by foamy surf are boring? Untamed, lush Florida swamps and woodlands are boring? Coffee-colored, sensuous rivers and tortuous estuaries teeming with life are boring? I protest!

But, remembering how homesick I feel when not in Florida, I took a deep breath and sought some common ground. Perhaps, I suggested, when the big picture provides little inspiration, we can look for beauty in objects that are macro-photogenic?

On my walks, I look for opportunities to take close-up pictures of flowers, lichen on a tree branch, insects, or patterns in coquina rock. Walking is the best speed for such a search.

Happily, we reached agreement that Nature reveals beauty at many scales and in many settings. We pledged to meet for a leisurely stroll this winter, to appreciate beauty in the little things, and to enjoy our time right here, right now, in Florida. Lyn

2 Responses to “Sometimes, the little things make me happy.”

  1. Vickie Says:

    Your friend’s lack of appreciation for the coast’s assets is surprising. And your understanding of the ‘homesick’ nature of it, generous. Though I’m native to a land-locked state (TN), I have longed for a visit to the coast so many times this year, I cannot imagine anyone feeling anything but joy at the experience!

  2. Lyn Says:

    Hi Vickie, Tennessee is beautiful state! I visited your blog and have been enjoying your avian art work and photos. Very nice!

    Last Saturday, I went to the annual Birding and Wildlife Festival in Titusville, Fl and will write a little a bit about that when I get settled.

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