Just two days after I confessed to a disappointing lack of skill in when it came to outwitting a speedy spider, I once again held my human head high.

As mentioned, a hunting spider had staked its claim on my master bathroom and bedroom which is a bit too cozy for me. One evening, about dusk, I noticed that one of my cats was staring intently at a lower wall next to a bedroom closet. Knowing that cats often watch critters rather than attack them, I followed her gaze and saw THE SPIDER.

It did not seem to be in a hurry to take off, and I grabbed my camera. Much to my surprise, it allowed me to sit very close for several macro shots. Like a good model, it did not move, not even a millimeter, during its photo shoot, flash and all.

Thinking that I could now capture it, I approached quietly with a small water glass and two sheets of stiff paper. The plan, which has worked well for me in the past, was to trap the spider in the upside down glass, and slide the paper between him and the wall. Thus imprisoned, he would be transported to the great outdoors.

Three attempts later, I still held an empty glass, and the spider had retreated to some dark, inaccessible hiding place in my closet.

Internet research revealed that the spider that had so cleverly avoided me is Dolomedes tenebrosus more commonly known as a fishing spider. I do live near the water, and perhaps this also helps to explain why my bathroom had attracted him.

Later that same night, I awoke around 3 AM and flipped on the light to wander around for a bit. Returning to my bed, I found that Mr. Fishing Spider had beaten me to it. A spider sharing my sheets? No, thank you!

I went running for the glass and paper.

After a few near misses, I finally captured the quick little visitor in the glass, and dumped him outside the garage door. I wish him good luck hunting outdoors, where the prey are much more numerous than in my house.

But, as the saying goes, nature abhors a vacuum

A few nights ago, following my cat’s stare toward the living room ceiling, I saw another fishing spider, even bigger than the first. As I watched in disbelief, it scurried off around the corner, in the direction of my bedroom, and subsequently disappeared.

I have no idea where he is now, Lyn

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