Momentarily...still lilfe

Momentarily...still lilfe

Recently, I joined a local camera club to learn more about digital photography and to spend congenial time with people that share similar interests. Our SouthEast Volusia Camera Club provides workshops, arranges field trips, and holds monthly photo competitions. Fun!

I have already learned much but understand that I am crawling my way up the steep side of the learning curve with the very real possibility of sliding back down it at any given moment.

However, it is exciting to learn new skills by modeling techniques used by more competent photographers that are eager to share their experience with beginners.

The theme for the March competition is Still Life.

Still life? I associate this with studio work, in which objects are beautifully arranged for form, color, and especially lighting. Somehow, I just do not see me, an outdoorsy, nature lady, arranging vases, fruit, flowers, rich fabrics, or other traditional still life items, nor do I have a studio or lighting equipment.

I like a challenge! I pondered how to create a composition that might fit into the still life category, but still reflect my interests, using natural items and lighting. In a flash of inspiration, or perhaps desperation, I realized that the ocean could be a generous source of still life objects to a beachcomber like me.

Now, I have a valid excuse for picking up shells, sea beans, driftwood, coquina rock and other flotsam and jetsam that I have accumulated over numerous beach walks. Instead of a studio, perhaps I can artfully arrange these gifts from the sea right on the sand, in their natural setting?

Since I am probably missing the one, perfect item that will tie my composition together, I am required, I believe, to spend much time searching for it on the beach this weekend.

Stay tuned to see if this works out, or not.

In the meantime, I uploaded a photo that captures a somewhat different meaning of “still” life. Lyn

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