I decided it would be fun to spend New Year’s Eve 2009 selecting one photo from each month during the past year. I envisioned that I would be done in time to post the review well before the stroke of midnight.

However, like many of my “little” projects, this proved to be a bigger job than I thought, and it continued well into the New Year.

I have only myself to blame for making this a challenging project by setting up rules for selecting the twelve monthly photos. (Everyone enjoys a challenge, right?)

I decided: rule 1 – that the photo selected for any month had to be taken during that month. (Photoshop keeps track of this and kept me honest.) And, rules 2 and 3 – these should be nature shots only, and not previously displayed in any of my blog posts or EcoGlimpse galleries.

These guidelines revealed several things about my photographic efforts in the past year. First, my best, or at least my favorite shots had already been posted. This was expected. However, I did not anticipate that some months in my organizer would contain more pictures of events or nonliving objects than of nature.

Looking back I can see that I was (and will no doubt continue to be) beguiled by carnivals, state fairs, balloon festivals and the like. Also, many of the pictures were taken for my local camera club competitions.

For example, I would not likely set out to take shots of “cars or car parts,” but since that was one of the assigned themes last year, off I went to car shows, and even parking lots.

No matter what the subject matter turned out to be, I have enjoyed the past year, the events, the places visited, the company of many friends, and especially, learning more with every picture taken and subsequently edited. My resolution for 2010… keep on shooting and learning, but be more mindful to look for nature shots… everywhere.

I have posted the photos in a special gallery called “year in review – 2009” which I hope you will visit. I have scattered a few of the twelve throughout this blog post.

Happy New Year! Lyn

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